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Someday*, this index will include track listings and perhaps even valuable owner commentary for each title. But for now, be content in knowing that I have squandered my hard-earned dollars on more than 1,000 titles -- many of which bring me considerable shame. My collection is sullied by such bastard children as Wilson Phillips' debut album, "The Best of Sheena Easton," TWO "Dirty Dancing" soundtracks, and "The Continuing Story of Radar Love (Golden Earring's Greatest Hits)." Laugh all you want. But somebody out there is buying the Spice Girls' CDs. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

By the way, I am occasionally willing to sell or trade the titles listed (particularly those mentioned in the previous paragraph). It doesn't hurt to ask.

Also, now that I have "conveniently" broken the list up so that it doesn't take so long to download and navigate, I have also managed to make it much harder to search. For that reason, I am providing you with a text version that has the complete list of CDs without all the fancy schmancy stuff.

*Loosely defined to mean "when I've gotten all settled into my home in the first lunar colony." In other words: go about your business as usual -- this may take a while.

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